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Education is the most Important Factor In the Development of a country


Education is an important situation all over the world, and is maybe one of the most forgotten topics in the underdeveloped countries. This is the main reason why they don’t contribute to the progress of their own countries. Education is a human right, and as a fundamental right it is the responsibility of governments to provide it. The most important thing is that education influences human development, economic growth and the fundamental requirement for democracy.
It is important in a country to invest a big part of the profits in education, because in many countries, governments prefer to invest in weapons without thinking that they should give another direction to the resources from the military where war and win are the most important thing. The government is blind, and they want to see first in the outside than in the inside, when there are more important things to fulfill like basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. Another important reason why it is necessary to invest in education is because children are being prepared to be poor laborers, just as the people years ago. Instead of preparing them for the future, they have been sent to the past with obsolete laws
There is a big necessity for programs that can teach the responsible use of resources, because without the right knowledge these people without education could be wasting a lot of resources and at the same time could be contributing to an unsustainable development. When speaking of development, the role of women is important in these processes, because in the countries with the highest levels of human development it is

declared that they offer equal opportunities and gender equity in their societies. It means that women can reach high positions, and they can do many of the things that were restricted to them a few years ago. When people see the change now they don’t want to commit the same errors: to exclude women from positions of power, give them no voice in community decisions. Societies have changed and women are more important now. Not only in this case the importance of educating women take advantage in the development. In the context of world population growth, too. “ Many studies have shown that the most rapid and effective way to slow population growth in the developing world is through the education of girls and women. If the world's governments and international organizations took this evidence to heart and acted upon it, the global population level would surely stabilize soon” (Arias1).
We can reach human development not only because of these reasons there are some others like: Education helps to prevent the labor, trafficking and sexual exploitation of children, and their use as soldiers. Basic education provides girls and women with a greater understanding of basic health, nutrition and family planning, as well as of their own potential. Educated women marry later, have fewer children and receive better prenatal care. Children of mothers who have been to school are healthier, better nourished and more likely to attend and succeed in school than children of mothers who have never gone to school. It is one of the most effective weapons against HIV/AIDS and other diseases (Why is education important? 2).
Education is also vital for economic development, because it eradicates poverty and it allows people to be more productive. An adult with a primary education earns twice as much as an adult without any schooling . Farming practices can be improved through basic education, because the ones that people used to do are obsoletes and are not enough to cultivate. In Niger, the incidence of poverty is 70 percent in households headed by adults with no education, compared to 56 percent for households headed by adults who have been to primary school. In Uganda, four years of primary education raise a farmer’s output by 7 percent. It is the foundation for acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to participate in and benefit from globalization and technological change (3).
Education also generates political stability and is important for democracy , makes it possible for people to be responsible and informed citizens, and to have a voice in politics and society, which is essential for sustaining democracy, because people can give their opinions and be part of the country. It also provides people with the knowledge and awareness needed to promote tolerance and understanding among people. What a country needs now is people with the power of decision and if they are educated, they will have the right to change the bad things and to improve the ones that are good but could be better.
Most of the time the experience is better than the years of education, what I mean is that sometimes when you are able to do special things is not necessary to receive special training or education to be really good at something. Education is not the only factor that can contribute to the development, it has to be too with the enthusiasm you have, to do things and how serious you take things.
Maybe education alone is not enough but it is the major factor that can contribute to the progress of a country and with this, its development. In fact no country has achieved human development, a sustained economic growth and a political stability without attaining near universal basic education.
“Education provides the foundation upon which stable nations are built” (Ingram 4).

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